Monday, June 8, 2009

Third time is NOT the charm

Well I thought my last fill was finally the one and I was so wrong. I did well for a little over a week, was eating okay, not having too many problems.  Then on Thursday I started to feel some tightness, but Friday forget it. On Saturday the acid reflux had built up so bad that I was in constant pain. I started Prilosec but still in constant pain.  I thought about waiting it out and then I thought what if I wait and then can't get into see the doctor.  This morning I had gone three days without being able to keep down any amount of food or water in my system.  So I called and went in. I had .4 cc's taken out of my band and the doctor and I came up with a Prilosec regimen to keep the acid under control. I go back already on 7/22 so I will be careful and after three times I plan on telling the doc, no more fills that are more than .5 cc's at a time. It's just not worth it. I want to be thin, but I also want a quality of life and I don't want to risk dehydration etc.  So we try again.  Man for those people who say having weight loss surgery is the easy way out are just bonkers. They don't even know what we go through.

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  1. I agree with you, weight loss surgery isn't the easy way out. Also, it is different for each person. I hope that you and your doctor figure out what fill amount is best for you, so you can have the quality of life that you deserve. Good luck!