Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Filling up the Down Time

Well it was a really rough weekend.  I have been having alot of problems staying on track. Mainly, I don't have enough restriction in my band so there is nothing to tell me when to stop eating and I am hungry every three hours. I took a four day weekend from work and that left alot of free time which is another problem for me.  I have made a conscious effort the last two days to watch my daily calorie intake and I called my doctor's office today. I go in on the 15th for a fill. I hope this helps.

On another note, I have increased my exercise. I have been walking "alot". I met up with Lynda and Darcy, two ladies from my support group, on Sunday morning.  We took an hour and a half walk and went almost five miles. Yesterday I met up with Janet, my Creative Memories consultant, and we went on a 45 minute walk. I don't know how far we went.

Several of the girls at work have decided to start a diet and have a little competition going.  I am going to join them, without the competition part as I have an unfair advantage because of my band.  But I think we will all be able to keep each other motivated.  So I am doing what I can to keep motivated and stay on track.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A new Day

Well yesterday sucked.  I went way over my daily calories. Almost 2000.  It was my sister's birthday so we went to Don Jose's for lunch and I would have done fine if I had stayed away from the chips and salsa and just had my meal. Then later we had pizza and birthday cake. I only had one slice and small piece of cake and ice cream, but I still felt like I did horrible. 

On a light note, I have been walking and working out to my new DVD.  But, when I don't do well, I feel like I've taken a step backward.

Today is a new day.  I don't have alot of extra going on today and it's easier to keep my day structured when I don't have too much going on.  So it 's a new day and I move on.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three meals and a snack!

Well today was a good day. I was on the run all day which is usually a bad thing for me.  But today I did okay. I had a slim-fast and south beach bar for breakfast. Stopped at claim jumper and had a bowl of soup and about 1/4 of tuna salad out of my sandwich. I also had another power bar (I considered it dessert).  I got hungry about 4PM so I had some string cheese (low-fat, 50 calories, so I treated myself to two).  Then Ed and I had bbq ribs (3 oz.s for me) and some potatoes.  I'm gonna have some coffee later. But with all that I managed to stay under 1500 calories. I like to stay closer to 1200 but when your on the run all day that's sometimes hard to do. Anyways, Ed and I are going to head out for a power walk.  I'll check in again tomorrow.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My day

Well my day went fairly well today.  I was a little high in the calorie count, but I stayed under 1500.  I did have two snacks but both were really high in protein.  Speaking of which, my protein count was 99 grams. Very, very good.  I finally found the dry roasted edamame beans that I had been looking for (at Costco) and that was what put my calorie count so high.  Mainly of course because I had to have two servings. But that gave me 28 grams of protein.  So better than a candy bar.

Andy and I went for a two-mile power walk today.  But man, my shins and butt muscles are sore. I may or may not attempt some stomach crunches later after dinner.  Well until tomorrow then.


Today's goals!

Well it's a new day and a new challenge.  My plans for today are to make it through the day without snacking, taking a power walk in the afternoon and if I do well treating myself to a fat-free hot chocolate in the evening. I hope to NOT think about food all day and make wise choices all day.

That's my mantra "wise choices, wise choices". Life is hard sometimes.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Journey

I have always been a big girl  When I graduated from Jr. High School (Jr. High, not High) I was over 200 pounds.  I have always been a big beautiful girl.  The class clown, the flirt, the fat happy married one.  

Having fought High blood pressure for years, I continued to live life with no thought as to the consequences. Last year my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic.  Well no wonder, I had ballooned to 265 pounds.

Well enough was enough. Through my primary physician an numerous hoops my insurance made me jump through, I was finally approved for bariatric surgery. On September 29, 2008, I had surgery for an adjustable lap band.  Now as I approach the sixth month mark of my surgery, I have decided it is time to keep a written post of my ongoing journey.

I have had good times and really bad days as well. I hope by writing all this down and putting it out their for you to see, it will help me to be even more diligent in my ongoing efforts for a healthier happier lifestyle.

So as I approach my six-month date (on Sunday) I will let you in on some milestones.  
  •    Ed and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in January and I was below wedding weight.
  •    Down 65 pounds so far.
  •    One more size and I won't have to shop at the Avenue or Lane Bryant anymore
  •    I never had to take diabetes medications
  •    My doctor has reduced my HBP medications
  •    Life is good

So stay tuned while this M.A.P documents her ups and downs of life.