Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three meals and a snack!

Well today was a good day. I was on the run all day which is usually a bad thing for me.  But today I did okay. I had a slim-fast and south beach bar for breakfast. Stopped at claim jumper and had a bowl of soup and about 1/4 of tuna salad out of my sandwich. I also had another power bar (I considered it dessert).  I got hungry about 4PM so I had some string cheese (low-fat, 50 calories, so I treated myself to two).  Then Ed and I had bbq ribs (3 oz.s for me) and some potatoes.  I'm gonna have some coffee later. But with all that I managed to stay under 1500 calories. I like to stay closer to 1200 but when your on the run all day that's sometimes hard to do. Anyways, Ed and I are going to head out for a power walk.  I'll check in again tomorrow.  

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