Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Filling up the Down Time

Well it was a really rough weekend.  I have been having alot of problems staying on track. Mainly, I don't have enough restriction in my band so there is nothing to tell me when to stop eating and I am hungry every three hours. I took a four day weekend from work and that left alot of free time which is another problem for me.  I have made a conscious effort the last two days to watch my daily calorie intake and I called my doctor's office today. I go in on the 15th for a fill. I hope this helps.

On another note, I have increased my exercise. I have been walking "alot". I met up with Lynda and Darcy, two ladies from my support group, on Sunday morning.  We took an hour and a half walk and went almost five miles. Yesterday I met up with Janet, my Creative Memories consultant, and we went on a 45 minute walk. I don't know how far we went.

Several of the girls at work have decided to start a diet and have a little competition going.  I am going to join them, without the competition part as I have an unfair advantage because of my band.  But I think we will all be able to keep each other motivated.  So I am doing what I can to keep motivated and stay on track.

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