Monday, April 6, 2009

A new week

Well I am back at work after a busy weekend. I didn't spend too much time keeping track of my food choices, but then I seldom do on weekends. My days are so unstructured it's pretty hard. I did go walking with Darcy and Lynda on Sunday. We walked for about and hour and forty minutes but none of us had on our pedometers so we had no clue how far we had gone. My hubby and I drove by the area later in our car and measured out the distance. We had walked 2.8 miles on way for a total of 5.6 miles round trip!!!!!! Any upcoming 10K hear we come!

Monday always marks a new day. I plan out my meals, keep track of my calorie intake and generally do much better. I wish I had more restriction because even though I get full during my meal, at least three hours later, my stomach is growling and grumbling something fierce. 9 days till I see my doctor again.

My husband has a new job and I have been packing him a lunch. He is down a notch in his belt. I have been making him walk with me whenever I can. Damn men, they lose so much easier.

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