Friday, April 24, 2009

An Awful Week

OMG sometimes I hate my band.  This is the second time that I have gone in for a fill and done awesome during liquids and mushies phase.  Been excited that I finally have restriction and just know that I have found my "sweet spot" and all will be right with the world. soon as I get to the solid food stage, I end up eating something that gets "stuck". Which starts a whirlwind of throwing up and swelling and ultimately getting to the point where I can't even keep water down. This time I waited it out, but after two days of not being able to keep water down and starting to get headaches from being so hungry, I had to go back in for an un-fill a second time.  I am now down to 5.8 cc's.  At one point I was at 7.  I just know it's not enough, but I was so miserable before.  I want to have good restriction and lose weight slow and steadily, but no so bad that I will tolerate the pain and there is no way I can ride out the swelling and not eat or drink for several days in a row.  I am happy with my current weight loss and accept that I will have to rely on more willpower and less band. At some point however, this band has GOT to meet me halfway.

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